survival in jungleWith every day pass, our country is getting into more and more trouble. The inflation, unemployment and falling value of dollar are the main concern for our Government but authorities are just sleeping, they don’t want to face the fact. Media is also involve in it, they are force to stop showing the real economic situation to the people. I start getting more concern about my future as well as my family after watching the response of our Government for the people that affected by hurricane Katrina. If you are looking for complete review on Family Survival Course then chances are you are very much concern about your family and love one. I am glad to see you are concern for your family.

When I want to purchase Family Survival Course I look for it genuine reviews but I did not see any one of them. After purchasing it, I decided to write down my personal genuine review about this course. I am honest with you that is why in this review you also find points that I dislike about this course and I hope after this review you get complete view about this course.

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What is Family Survival Course?

family survival courseThe Family Survival Course is created by Jason Richard which is Jam-packed with the quality information about how to prepare your family for the next crisis. It is about preparing your family in advance so your family will not start rushing or battling at grocery stores for necessary food items.  Jason is the expert and he had experience in surviving at toughest place where there is no water or proper place to live. He shared his experience as well as some productive tips which he used in surviving in these toughest situations.

If you are concern about your future and family future then you must take them seriously because Jason shared tips about surviving which are really effective and these are the exactly what you need if you don’t want your children to cry, beg and fight for water and necessary food items.

Jason also shared list of 44 food items which you need at the time of survival. With this list of 44 food items you can prepare almost any food meal for your family. These 44 food items are not only help in cooking but they can also eatable and have many nutritional benefits. With the help of these 44 food items your family will not feel hungry. I strongly recommend these 44 food items because food is the most important thing for survival and these 44 items do not take much space in survival bag.

In this course you also learn variety of different surviving tips such as treating illness with the help of herbs, using ‘off-grid’ power up system, creating self-defense weapon, preparing shelter for your family survival and some natural tips about water purification. These tips come very handy during survival and I believe each and every member of the family should know about these.

How Family Survival Course Born:

John Lahan is an ex-military who has fought many battles in Afghanistan and during his battle he survived even in toughest situations where there is not sufficient water or food supply.  He still teaches many people about the basics of survival in his survival workshop at Pasadena, California. Because of its popularity and limited seats this workshop always remains booked in advance.

When Jason Richard completed this survival workshop he wants to spread his information with other people that looking for same thing. He discussed his idea with John and they both agree to put down complete information about survival in a family course because not everyone has time or money to fly Pasadena, California to attend survival workshop.

Jason Richard created very important video that will surely shocked you…

family survival guide video

Things I like:


    • 44 food items to feed your family without relying on supermarket or stores.
    • Water purification tips
    • Protect your family from harmful bugs and animals
    • Setup protection shelter for your family
    • Using ‘off-grid’ energy to provide power in your home
    • Treatment of illness or fever with the help of herbs and plants.
    • Tips about growing your own food
    • Some mistake people do during preparing their survival bag
    • List of food items that are eatable and provide instant energy
    • And much more…


Things I don’t like:

    • Lacking in information about important medicines.
    • Some basic information can be added is missing

Money Back Guarantee:

60 days money back guaranteeThe most important thing I like about this course is 60 days money back guarantee. Jason provide 60-days full money back guarantee to anyonel. There are numerous people utilized the information provided in this course and they all are happy. I can’t say you the peace of mind you will get when you come to know about the survival tips available in this course. Before purchasing this course I wasted lot of money on different survival programs, buying MRE’s and dehydrate food items but the information about food items and tips I got from this course is very valuable for me. In case if you feel this survival course fail to deliver any new or important information about survival then you can return the copy and get your money back. You can get full 60 days to just try it out and decide either it helpful or not.

Final Thoughts:

I know you are very much concern about your family and downloading Family Survival Course is your important step towards their protection. I am not saying this course contain complete information about survival instead this 279-pages guide covers up much information about survival that is not available anywhere else. Jason already did all the hard work for you and provides you information right from the person who already survived in toughest situations during war with Afghanistan. This is the right time to take action and stop fear, uncertainty and sleepless night by keeping your family prepared for any difficult situation. Always remember, survival is not a sprint race instead it is a MARATHON that need proper preparation. If you want to see your family easily survive in this survival marathon then you have to prepare them in advance. Take action now, before it’s too late.